Dogs and cats are permitted to attend CrossFit Armoury gyms, both South and West with the following restrictions:

·         They must be well behaved and safe. If the animal is hostile or shows any anger/dominance towards a member, a family member or child of a member or another animal they will be removed from the premises immediately. This is a one strike policy! Any one situation that is deemed dangerous to members or visitors of the gym will not be allowed back at the gym at any time.

·         They must be tied up at all times. Dogs and cats on a leash can be tied to any of the heavy equipment that is off to the side of the workout area so they cannot move about the workout area while class is going on.

·         Animals must be cleaned up after EVERY VISIT! If the animal urinates or defecates in or around the gym space it is the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up the mess in full to the sanitary standards of the gym. Spray and disinfectant must be used to clean up and sanitize any mess. As well, any debris that is from the animal (hair shedding, dirt or mud tracked in, spilled water, drooling, etc.) must be cleaned up before exiting the gym. Paper towels, sanitizer and a vacuum are present at the gym for member’s use.

·         They must not excessively disrupt class. If the dog is barking or crying excessively to the point where class is severely disrupted they may be asked to leave at the coach’s and members’ discretion. As well some members enjoy running outside with their dogs, but if the dogs are excessively disrupting other members while running they may be asked to leave the workout space at the coach’s or members’ discretion.  

·         If there are any members attending class that are allergic or have an extreme fear of dogs or cats they will be asked to be removed from the gym. The priority in the gym is that ALL members experience a comfortable and safe atmosphere while they workout and if that is put in jeopardy, then the owner will be asked to remove their pet immediately.

·         The gym will not be responsible for any injury to any pets while in the gym. There are obvious risks involved in being present during a workout and if the pets happen to wander into the workout space and become injured, the gym will hold no responsibility for expenses incurred as a result.  

  • If Children are upstairs during class time, they must remain in the designated play area, and it is the responsibility of the guardian to ensure the Area is spotless before they leave. 

  • If you are not taking part in the class, you must remain behind the monster rack at all times while classes are ongoing.

  • Every individual, including children aged 2 years or older who are not taking part in classes, must fill out a waiver form.

  • Children’s waivers must be completed and signed by their legal guardian.

  • Children are allowed in the workout space under supervision any time there is no class on going. This does not include the 5 minute transition between classes. 

  • Any equipment, Toys, or other property of CrossFit Armoury used by Children must be returned to their proper place of storage before the guardian leaves the premises. 

Karma is a way for our members to contribute to the community. Karma sessions earn a member “Karma credits”, which in turn can be redeemed for a free monthly membership. Karma credits are accumulated through Sunday cleans, babysitting, or any other event set up and recorded in the MindBody system by the owners.

8 accumulated hours of Karma credit make you eligible to receive 1 free monthly membership at CrossFit Armoury. Sign up for Karma through the MindBody system, which is made available 14 days before the date of the karma class.

Karma credits are tracked on a sign up sheet at each gym. Karma participants will sign in and sign out on the tracking sheet provided, and these hours must be verified by the Karma Coordinator or by the coach on duty for babysitting. These tracking sheets will be picked up by Arri (south) and Jason (west) at the start of each week and entered into a spreadsheet to track total hours by each participant.

Karma membership will only start on the 1st of the month.
You must be on a current active membership with billing information on file to accumulate Karma credits.
Karma credits have no expiry date.

Karma redemption requests received by the 23rd of the month via e-mail sent to or will result in a free month membership for the following month.

For example, John Smith would like a karma membership in February and he has completed 8 hrs of karma sessions by January 23rd. If he sends an e-mail request on January 23rd, his free karma membership will start February 1. If he sends an e-mail request on January 24th or later, his karma membership will start March 1.

Another example, John Smith would like a free karma membership in February and he has completed 7 hrs of karma sessions by January 23rd, and will finish his last hour on January 24th. If he sends an e-mail request on January 23rd, his Karma membership will start on March 1.

A late cancel (less than 3 hours before start time) or no show will result in the following:

a. A written warning via e-mail

b. Relinquishment of karma privilege

  • All memberships must paid for by credit card or direct deposit only. Cash payments will not be accepted.
  • All Memberships must be set up on an autopay program. Month to month memberships will not be permitted.
  • 30 Days notice is required to cancel all memberships.
  • Membership cancellation must be completed via e-mail.
  • Membership suspension will not be permitted unless a  written note from a medical professional is provided stating that no physical activity can be performed.
  • All membership cancellations or suspensions may return at their previous rate as long as the membership has been reactivated within a 3 month period. After 3 months the membership rate will reflect the current price rates.

  • Open gym activity is permitted on the condition that it does not interfere with the class, including but not limited to space, equipment, and noise considerations i.e AirBike usage during instruction portion of class.
  • Any space used for open gym must be left exactly how it has been found. This includes returning equipment to its original location, cleaning up any chalk used, and disposing of any tape garbage, etc. 
  • Ipads are for class use only
  • One marker will be permitted for open gymmers, marked with fluorescent pink tape