Group Training

One of the best things about CrossFit is that it is scalable across all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are 8 years old, already play on a sports team, have never set foot in a gym, a mom of 5, or a high level executive that works 50-60 hours per week. We will match you with one of our trainers that will design a program for you based on your goals using CrossFit methodologies. Talk to one of our trainers and let us show you what you are capable of!

Team Training

CrossFit focuses on ten general fitness skills: Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. All of these skills are absolutely essential for any sport and any athlete. Bring your team in and we'll design a program around your specific sport. We'll use CrossFit methodologies to increase general conditioning, enforce proper movement mechanics and of course, create a fun atmosphere for team building!

Talk to one of our coaches on how to incorporate team training with CrossFit Armoury into your sport season. Whether it's during your season or during the off season, we can design a program based on your team goals.

School Groups

We believe in teaching kids proper movement, a healthy mindset around exercise and how fitness can be fun and something that can be continued throughout life.

All children have differing abilities and need to be challenged at their individual point of development in order for effective learning to take place. Every skill, every movement, every workout and every game can be scaled to a child's ability (made easier or harder) so he or she is challenged by something difficult, but not discouraged by something impossible. This not only allows for efficient and effective teaching and learning but also increases students' desire to participate and challenge themselves.

We are able to monitor progress by providing quantifiable data: range of motion and movement improvements, workout times decrease, number of reps increase, new movements are able to be performed, etc. Where improvement in the traditional physical-education classroom is largely subjective, CrossFit lays the groundwork for measurable, objective, success. Children are able to perform more advanced movements more often and faster.

Corporate Training

What is the single thing you can do to make your staff happier and healthier, miss fewer days, and work better together? Group exercise!

CrossFit Armoury can bring movement into your workplace, or bring your staff into ours! Our workouts are fun, scalable to any fitness level, challenging and the perfect environment for team-building. What's the benefit you will see?

  • Increased productivity in the work place
  • Break up the day with a workout
  • Team building
  • Decrease in financial costs associated with employee health